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The Spanish Academy is the top rated Spanish language school in South Africa.

Offering rapid results and practical knowledge of language in the shortest time frame. At the Spanish Academy we teach a conversational skills course to people traveling to Spain, USA, South and Central America. Our clients range from school children to adults. We cover all aspects of reading, writing and grammatical skills, placing a huge emphasis on the importance of sound conversational techniques. To be in a foreign country, be it for vacation or relocation purposes, without the proper means of communication can be a daunting prospect. We aim to give our clients the confidence in all types of situations, thus allowing quick and easy integration into the Spanish culture. Comments are always made by former students as to how their experiences were so much greater and more rewarding as they were able to speak freely and get to know the wonderful people and spirit of the different countries.


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My name is Slade. 22 years ago I founded The Spanish Academy South Africa. The sheer delight that I receive in my students success is infinitely greater than the delight that my students receive from having that success.
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Aumari Martinez

Aumari Martinez was born in Maracay, Venezuela. Throughout her illustrious career she has travelled to many South American countries such as Colombia, Peru, Chile and Argentina using Spanish as her first language
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Sofia Adarvo

Sofia Adarvo is one of our Spanish teachers from Columbia and has made Johannesburg, South Africa her new home.
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Nikki Benedict

Nikki Benedict was raised and lived in Malaga Spain for 19 years. At 17 she started teaching language skills as well as document translations for small business.